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orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 3-12-2004 at 2:36am
Current mood: happy
Music: Charlie Mingus
Subject: I havent slept more than three hours within the last 47. No intentions of sleeping tonight.
I just wrote a really deep entry, but decided not to post it. I don't think I've ever correctly expressed my emotions through words.

I started writing music again last week. Mostly blues. I never knew it, but blues really does come from the soul. It's tiring to always play others people's music, and never create anything of your own. I wish I had a 4 track, because everything I write gets lost with my bad short term memory.

I also found out that I've been accepted to be a music major at USF next year.
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03-12-04 4:21pm

sleeeep more.
congrats! <3

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03-12-04 7:40pm

congrats, tudi. arg, you being deep and you don't share it?!
it's nice that you're smiling again :)

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