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alitar (profile) wrote,
on 3-14-2004 at 1:09am
I'm playing hermit this weekend.

Scarface is meh. With such cult devotion to this movie, I thought the story would be more mindblowing. It's basically about a Cuban ex-convict, Al Pacino, arriving in America to escape communism and build his own life, entering a small drug organization and eventually taking over the entire distinct through his brash, hungry attitude. However, as is typical with all power, oce he has it, he becomes paranoid of losing it, and starts going crazy. The more at stake, the more he overcompensates and slowly descends to madness. Not a fun ordeal, and unfortunately not a particularly enlightening one, just an in-your-face ordeal that has adequate writing. Predictable, not groundbreaking personally, but Roger Ebert reminds me gently that this film was made in 1983, when all of this brazen violence was rather original. Alright, so three stars for that. Rather disappointing.
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