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the-last-tear-will-fall (profile) wrote,
on 3-14-2004 at 2:24pm
Subject: Poem
Have you ever
wished upon a star
wished to be anywhere else
then where you are

Have you ever had a dream?
and everyone laughed
told you were foolish
to attempt such a task

Have you ever
loved someone so much
you'd do anything
just 2 keep them from pain
only to find out
that they didn't feel the same

Have you ever
saw something on the news
that brought a tear to ur eye
and u sit there wondering
why do children die?

Have you ever
thought that no one cared
cried out loud
and they only stared

Faith is important
its what keeps us alive
remember to believe in yourself
don't believe their lies

You can be what u want
no matter what they say
your decisions
determine how you live each day

Its too late for me
but not too late for you
Ive already given up
don't you give up too
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what the h***, 03-15-04 7:32am

ok meg u really need to look at yourself more often b/c u r the one w/ a dic, y do u think no guy wants to go out w/ u--kinda obvious dont ya think?? and i really could care less bout ur life b/c i only care bout my real freinds. oh and ur not one of them so the next time u feel like wishing upon a star, remember NO ONE CARES ABOUT U OR YOUR LIFE OR ANYONE IN YUOR FAMILY!----- From:

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Re: what the h***, 03-15-04 5:34pm

That was really mean vanessa

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