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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 3-14-2004 at 5:22pm
Current mood: geeky
Music: Relient K- softer to me
Subject: what was it now when u mix a fish and a monkey?
yea its been awhile...

breeze blowing in my window as i sit here contemplating what to write...sitting here the color of a tomato...
got burned at the beach saturday and wo does it hurt...
A birthday gone by yet again...this one seeming a lil more important that was amazing thanks to all the cards, flowers, presents and gummy bear covered cars... :)
-Driving is great except my parents seem to think im gunna get in a wreck very how kind of them to say...
-saw The Passion
-Been to sick all week...finally after 5 days can actually taste food once again...
-Shopping some shirts no bathing suit though cause im fat...
- Want to go to Los Ochos tonight but need to find someone to go with...
-still have not found "my love"...
-just got told to go set the table...later xoxo

*My prayers are with you*
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Hey, 03-16-04 10:17pm

You are not fat Heather Ann, you are gorgeous. I'm serious :)
<3Elli Mae

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03-18-04 9:03pm

maybe if you wouldnt kill people in 7-11 they wouldnt think that... that poor kid... he only wanted a slushie..

fat?!?!?! WHATEVER!! im muhco grande que tu! haha my dialogue this week is about the leyenda de la chihuahua...como la chihuahua became small... hahahaha.... los ochos??? whats it abt??

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04-12-04 4:31pm

Your $2.00USD has been received. Thank you.

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