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sexylilsweetie (profile) wrote,
on 3-15-2004 at 12:35am
Music: tv
Subject: My whole weekend...
I had a pretty nice weekend.. Friday night Mike came over and spent the night but he got here kinda late so we just went to bed and watched some tv. then Saturday we went to naples mall and my nana watched the baby while we went so that was a nice break and I think we had a pretty nice time.. for most of it.. the mall was cool, some of the stores instead of having manicans in the windows they have real people standing there posing like manicans lol I was so amazed! I would love that job it'd be so great! haha well anyway.. we got back at 8:00pm and baby Michael was already asleep so we sat around in the sun-room and mike was on the computer and we watched "scream" it came on tv then we went to sleep then today we got up.. returned something at Belles,went to Mikes house.. wasnt fun.. then we went to subway and then back here. We were so tired so i put baby michael down for a nap and we took one too.. lol then we woke up at like 7:00pm and went to walgreens to get my prescription and some chocolate pudding lol when we got back to my house we ate dinner then made the pudding it was so good hehe.. after that we were looking at some of the tiny premie clothes that baby michael wore when he was tiny aww :) he was soo small I almost cried just looking at his clothes... hehe and thats really all. Mike went home and he was gonna come back but it got late so he'll come over after work tomorrow so thats good... well I'm soo tired and I'm gonna go to bed.. <3 Kayla
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