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eragedbluerat (profile) wrote,
on 3-15-2004 at 10:11pm
Current mood: loosing the natural high
Music: nothing
Subject: nope
kelli and i aren't going to be kelli and me. Ever it seems. Why the flirtiness. IDK. maybe it has something to do with Becca. i doubt that. Though it is a possibility. I'm not even sure if Becca likes me. But does it really matter? I like kelli. Why am i even typing this? Who cares? I just want to know if there really is a girl out there for me. And that wasnt left open for random people to reply and say o yeah you'l meet her someday. She's out there. Fuck those people. They dont do anyone any good. So i figure from now on im just going to forget about kelli or anyone else. I'm not looking for a relationship. Just if something comes up.
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03-22-04 8:42pm

Ahh. You understand lol. You will find her someday man just like everyone else except those damn homos :p Just be patient and the right girl will come. One thing I have learned. And you were right about one thing, i didn't do anything wrong lol.

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