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justamirage (profile) wrote,
on 3-17-2004 at 3:15pm
Current mood: hyper
Music: bright eyes-aperfect sonnet
Subject: weirdness
fun fun fun fun fun-ny! this is what happens when im hyper. i do stupid shit. but then people like claire play along cuz shes awesome like that. and we have interesting conversations where we pretend to be someone else. i swear to god we should be on whose line. thats would be mutha fuckin aweome. read the hilarity:

justAmirage515: fine
herebutnot1708: what
justamirage515: dont answer your fone
herebutnot1708: i didn't hear it
justAmirage515: a likey story
justAmirage515: im on to you
justAmirage515: mwa ha ha h ah a
herebutnot1708: on to what about me?
justAmirage515: your evil ploy not to answer phones
justAmirage515: it will upset the universe
herebutnot1708: which is u?
justAmirage515: but ive got you now
justAmirage515: ull never get away
herebutnot1708: ok
justAmirage515: oh dont try to run
justAmirage515: we will get you
herebutnot1708: *running*
herebutnot1708: oh no oh no
herebutnot1708: don't get me
herebutnot1708: please
herebutnot1708: oww
herebutnot1708: stop
justAmirage515: see
justAmirage515: told you
justAmirage515: we got you
justAmirage515: and it hurt
justAmirage515: herebutnot1708: oww
justAmirage515: dont try to deny it
justAmirage515: we have it on record
herebutnot1708: damn
justAmirage515: any last words?
herebutnot1708: yea. fuck you biatch *runs away AND escapes*
justAmirage515: lmao
herebutnot1708: and we have that on record
justAmirage515: i love the emphasis on AND
herebutnot1708: just had to make
herebutnot1708: sure
herebutnot1708: some ppl run but don't escape
herebutnot1708: but me
herebutnot1708: no no
herebutnot1708: too smart for you
justAmirage515: oh youre soo good for us
justAmirage515: but we will find you
justAmirage515: until we meet again evil escapist thingy, until we met again
herebutnot1708: yea....keri
justAmirage515: and by "we" i mean ...
justAmirage515: THE UNIVERSE
herebutnot1708: so thats you?
justAmirage515: no , as i said before...
justAmirage515: THE UNIVERSE
herebutnot1708: justAmirage515: it will upset the universe
herebutnot1708: which is u?
justAmirage515: but ive got you now
herebutnot1708: you said IVE
herebutnot1708: YOU = UNIVERSE
herebutnot1708: what now?!
justAmirage515: oh, our weak little robot made a mistake
herebutnot1708: uh huh
herebutnot1708: so the universe has robots now?
herebutnot1708: whta kind of madness is this?
justAmirage515: its is incapable of comprehending the power of THE UNIVERSE
justAmirage515: lol yes, we have robots
justAmirage515: and we say lol
herebutnot1708: uh huh
herebutnot1708: well us over here
herebutnot1708: ....dont
justAmirage515: we try to blend in with the pathetic weak minded beings of the human kind
justAmirage515: all though i have to admit
justAmirage515: they are a useful tool in helping us catch you, evil escapist thingy
herebutnot1708: oh really
justAmirage515: yes, they are stupid, and give us information readily
herebutnot1708: i don't
justAmirage515: but youre the one were trying to catch
herebutnot1708: ohh yea.
justAmirage515: why would you give us information on yourself?
justAmirage515: that would be weak and feeble minded
herebutnot1708: to throw you off
justAmirage515: oooooh
justAmirage515: now youve let us on to your plan
justAmirage515: HUMAN
herebutnot1708: ah but see maybe i said that to throw you off about throwing you off
herebutnot1708: and maybe i said that to throw you off about throwing you off about throwing you off
herebutnot1708: yea! what now biatch!
justAmirage515: ooh, so now youre going to tell me your plan, and say youre not going to use the plan, when in reality you ARE and we think you arent. OR you ARENT goin to use it just to spite us and inevitably get away
justAmirage515: well we wont let this happen
herebutnot1708: m-a-y-b-e.......
justAmirage515: just watch your back, eveil escapist thingy
justAmirage515: THE UNIVERSE is everywhere
herebutnot1708: jeeeez us! spell evil right at least!!
justAmirage515: lol sry
justAmirage515: weak robot again
herebutnot1708: excuses excuses
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03-27-04 10:43pm

thats funny lol

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