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alitar (profile) wrote,
on 3-17-2004 at 5:39pm
Snatch was good. I think. That movie moves so quickly it's hard to catch and understand everything. It's my second time watching it. It's funny, totally random, and very very creative. Beyond that, I don't think I understand enough to commentate. It's about a host of different men (thieves, mob, murderers) involved in 2 plots: a staged boxing match, and the hunt for a missing diamond. Everything overlaps, and the characters in the different plots eventual manage to screw each other over in amusing ways. Crazy movie, and I liked it. Everyone talks in very thick accents, or in Brad Pitt's case a parody of an accent, so that really doesn't help with the clarity, but adds an amusing twang to the whole thing. 4 stars.
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