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Janice_2001 (profile) wrote,
on 3-17-2004 at 7:35pm
Music: Don't know why
Subject: People and Life
Sitten here thinkin about all the things that have went on. I think it is bullshit that Chris told Heather about OUR problems. Anyway, I am hurt in every way possible cuz he has done nothing but fight with me all week and doesn't know how to stop. This will end soon and we will either be together or we will be friends. I am not sure. So, school is okay and I am doing good. I have been not talking to many people anymore cuz I have been stressed and depressed. Kevin has been talking to me about my problems and he said everything will be okay. I hope. Festival is saturday and I hope we do good. The Altos and Seconds are doing really good and firsts are too. I hope we get like a one. Well, I will talk to you all later!!!

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