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sumgrlzrkrazie (profile) wrote,
on 3-18-2004 at 10:04am
Music: Ben Jelen~Come On
Subject: One of the biggest things I am ever gonna do
Have I mentioned here that I am getting my headshots done Sunday and that I am entering a contest to be a model for Lane Bryant ? Winner gets a $25000 contract with Fords12+ agency. I've always felt that if I had the body( minus my boobs, they are the only thing that fits the modelesq image) I would model. I've always been told that I am photogenic. It is rare to get a bad picture of me. Its something I take pride in. I dont take pride in very much. But if all else fails me atleast I will always know I have a pretty face. This is something I have always dreamed of, and for once in my life I am goin after something with no expectations and no fear. I can do this. I am sure being a model isnt as wonderful and candy coated as it may seem at times. But, shit free clothes, free shoes, free makeup, free trips to Milan and Paris and Islands, yea I could live like that for a while. LOL. Lets pray my shoot goes well on Sunday. I know it will bc Lisa, one of my dearest friends, who is a photographer at a portrait studio, is doin my shots for me. Shes done some of my favorite photos of me, ie my userpic.

Am I totally crazy to do this ?
Besides singing in a rock band, ie no doubt, save ferris, dance hall crashers stuff like that, this is my next dream. Well besides being a promoter for Flower Films, Drew Barrymores Production Company, this is probably it. Well I would also LOVE to right for Rolling Stone. But a girl can have alot of dreams, thats kinda the point of living. To follow them all and have all these wonderful memories in the process. Eh...
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