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sumgrlzrkrazie (profile) wrote,
on 3-18-2004 at 2:50pm
Music: Ben Jelen~Come On
Subject: Fashion DON'T!!!

Amber, Amber, what were we thinking. Poor Amber, in recent months that she has attended award shows, she always looks, HORRID. What happened to the most adorable Emily we all loved, perhaps Joan is goin for the TRAGIC look. Who knows. All I know is I need a A day of shopping in the village with this girl, to get her out of her , I found it at the Thrift Shop look.
Or it could be so horrible that she looks like she can't even fill the dress.

Amber made quite a improvement here. I love this dress. I am not too fond of the puff that it has too it, but its much better than the others

Ok, enough fashion journalist Leanne lol.

I am in love with this man. Ben Jelen, please marry me?

Seriously, since I am in Journalist mode already. What the FUCK has gotten into Courtney Love lately ? I mean, seriously bitch, you're trash, the kind of trash the homeless won't even pick through, so STOP TRYING TO PLAY DREW BARRYMORE. You'll never be good enough for that role honey. Plus, who would won't to see those ta-ta's. Bitches probably sag down to the knees. Then, get so intoxicated and get onstage and throw a mic stand and someone and physically injure them. Yea bitch, your gonna get Francis Bean back, in your fuckin dillusional dreams.
I admire Courtney as a ARTIST. As a human being, the world could use a lot less of her.
Maybe its anomosity. Bc I seriously STILL blaim the bitch for Kurt's death.

Anyway, I just ate fridays and I'm dying. Ate way toooo much.

I miss Eric soooooo much, tomorrow is Friday !!! He comes home SATURDAY!!!!!!!! Plus, tomorrow is a BUSY day. Work 9-6, go tanning 610-630. Go home, eat a small dinner, shower, get ready. Go to Sawmill to see Ants Marching with Mah Dukes. Drink beers. Come home, go to sleep. Wake up, go garage sale shopping. Go to the gym. By then, he should be on a plane home. Yay!!! I can't wait to kiss his face. He hasn't returned my text messages since he called me. But I dont think hes getting them for some reason. I hope everything is ok. I think maybe tonight I will call him. He promised to send me pictures. He has a camera phone, I just want one of the beach. MTV gets down there today and starts filming tomorrow. This makes me more nervous than ever. Ugh. Ross is all about meeting whores and getting STDS. He corrupts Erics mind. That fucker. Whatever. I am nixing the suprise bday party deal, I remembered him talking about having plans. So maybe one night that week I will go up and do something nice for him. Maybe if I take my extra paycheck from April I could get him a new bass. Haha, yea right. I am always getting him amazing presents, he always getting me no bday presents. So maybe I'll send him a card, just like he did me. One of two bdays. First bday I got SHIT!

Ok, I think I am done bitching lol. Or maybe I just started and this is goin to ruin the rest of my day. I really just want to go home and sleep. I just dont feel well.

Ok, Elijah need to marry me too. This boys eyes are sooo dreamy lol
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