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alitar (profile) wrote,
on 3-18-2004 at 5:52pm

Whoa. Has anyone else seen this movie? I need to talk. Brilliant, at least I think it is. I didn't understand everything, but I felt it. This movie features a series of vignettes that intersect, sometimes in person, mostly just in theme. It's about normal people with various seemingly normal lives who have to deal with the pressure, with the shame and the tragedy of the past and present. Powerful because these people aren't special; they've just lost perspective of the present because they can't come to terms with the past, and they've crossed some kind of line. They're on the verge of having everything fall apart, but they can't let people know. It's a kind of scambling they've done their whole lives and it's led to a series of mistakes they've made that makes them feel guilty, but as they approach an end of some sort - death, death of someone else in their lives - they feel the overwhelming weight of this guilt that they must atone for before it's too late. This is a fantastic movie that doesn't come together in a nice package. I'm still reeling from it, but I loved it. 4.5 stars.

Payback sucks. As does Practical Magic, which sucks more.
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