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toofasttolivetooyoungtodie (profile) wrote,
on 3-19-2004 at 9:42pm
Current mood: depressed/sad
I feel really bad right now i don't kno what about well i do but im not gonna say cuz people read this and yeah....Today was okay i guess i didn't get paid cuz i forgot my time sheet....DAMNIT!!!!!!!!! I didn't go to the Talent Show either but thats okay. I might go to the Attic tommorow. It feels so weird being HOME on a FRIDAY night....yeah yeah its been a while...ANYWAYS i think im getting over not sure...i've thought it before and realized later that im not. :( im really sad right now i seriously just want to die no one would miss me but oh well anyways im just gonna end this and finish crying goodbye-
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03-20-04 2:34pm

Leah you kno i would miss you if no one else did i would nD you kno that

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03-20-04 2:43pm

leaH!!! i would miss you so much! i love you! dont do anything stupid... call me today!

i love you!

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