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saywhat? (profile) wrote,
on 3-19-2004 at 11:27pm
Social Life
How many friends do you think you have?:uhh 15?
How many of these people consider you a friend, also?:id say all of them
Who was the last friend you talked to?:melissa
What did you talk about?:she asked if i was mad
What do you usually do with your friends?:just hang out at my house, movies, concerts, roadtrips
Randomly name five of your friends::lisa, lyndsay, meriah, jennifer, corissa
Say something nice about friend number one...:i can have fun doing ANYTHING with her
Now number two...:she doesnt ever judge me
Now number three...:shes so carefree
Now number four...:jennifer is the most loyal person i know
Now number five...:is one of the best listeners ive ever met
Say something not so nice, but honest, about friend number one...:she ldoesnt think about consequences of her actions
Now number two...:she can be super moody
Now number three...:she left me in high school!!
Now number four...:she forgets about m when she first starts relationships with guys
Now number five...:shes not as open as id like. but then again neither am i
Do you ever wish all of your friends would leave you alone?:yes
Are you a loner?:sometimes i feel like one
When was the last time you had a serious fight with a friend?:its been awhile
What was it about?:i dont remember i dont normally get in fights
Did you resolve it, and if not, do you want to resolve it?:im sure it was resoved
Think back... when was the biggest fight you ever had with a friend?:Probably with lisa
What was it about?:she lied to me about something stupid
How long were you two mad at each other/not speaking/on bad terms?:a pretty long time
Did you resolve it?:yes. she thinks its funny now but it still pisses me off
How important are your friends to you?:im not sure anymore
Have you ever been stabbed in the back by a friend?:yes
Who do you trust the least out of your friends?:i dont know
Who irritates you the most out of your friends?:these are mean questions
Who have you known the longest?:lisa
Who have you known for the least amount of time?:mary
Who has the prettiest hair?:they all have cool hair
Who is the sexiest? Don't lie. You must be attracted to one of them.:all my freinds are pretty
Have you ever had a crush on a friend?:lol are you kidding me/
Did it make things weird?:
Do you love your friends?:yes
When is the next time you think you will see your friends?:sometime thsi week
Will you give them all a big hug?:probably
Don't you think you should?:i do..
On a scale of one to ten, rate your social life.:7
Family Life
How many people live in your house?:3
How many family members live close to your house?:whats close? my parents both live withen 15 miles
Do you have any siblings?:yes
Do you get along with them?:yes
Did you know the divorce rate is about fifty percent?:im sure its higher by now
Are your parents together?:nope
Do your parents have a happy marriage, if they are?:theyre both happy in thier own marriages
Who do you love the most in your family?:i love them all in different ways
Do you have any pets?:yes molly my puppy
When was the last time your fought with someone in your family?:uhh never?probably like a few years ago
What was it about?:probably just stupid stuff between me and my brother
Did you resolve it?:im sure..
How many fights happen in your house per day?:none
Do you wish that your family life was better?:were pretty close i dont think my family life is that bad. probably cause id ont live with them
What would you like to change?:better communication
Does your family have a history of physical abuse?:no
Did your parents ever hit each other?:no
Did they ever hit you?:when i was younger..spakinkg and whatnot
Do you love them?:yes
Do you hate them?:no
How is your relationship with them?:better than wheni was younger. theyre the ones i talk to when i need someone now
Do any of your family members have a history of drug abuse?:i dont think so...probably just one i can think off
Alcohol abuse?:i dont think so
Suicide attempts?:i dont think so
Mental illness?:nope...i think thats starting with me
Physical illness?:well..kinda crons diesase. gaga died from that
Is cancer a problem in your family?:i dont think so
Is your family rich?:theyre pretty well dads side was always well off
How many cars do you have?:1
Do you ever spend time with your family?:yes almost every week
Is it quality time?:yes
What do you do?:i go to a support group with my mom. and i just hang out with my dad and sister and stepmom
When was the last time you hung out with your family?:my mom was about a week ago, i just went to a college fair and lunch with my dad on monday
Did you argue about anything?:of course not
What did you argue about?:
Do you have family meals?:sometimes i go to my moms on wed for dinner. and my dad has a family dinner on sunday afternoons normally
Do you spend holidays together?:yes
Rate your family life from one to ten.:9
School Life
What grade are you in?:im out
What school do you go to?:kent city
What's your favourite subject?:english/history
What's your least favourite?:math
Who's your favourite teacher?:uhh...i liked bosma. my band teacher
Why?:he was more than just a teacher..
Who's your least favourite?:jakamec..
Why?:never had him as a teacher. i just thought he was a jackass
What are your grades like?:i got a 3.8 gpa
What were they like last year?:im not in HS
How many detentions have you had in your entire school career?:uhh probably like 5
What were they for?:tardies, talking and whatnot
Have you ever been sent to the office?:yep
How many times?:a few
What for?:talking and w hanot
Have you ever been suspended?:nope
How many times?:
What for?:
For how long?:
In what grade?:
Have you ever been expelled?:
How many times?:
What for?:
In what grade?:
Are you on the honor roll?:i WAS
What's the lowest mark you've ever gotten?:C
What subject was it for?:math i believe
What grade was it in?:senior year
What's the lowest you've ever gotten?:is this not the same question as ablove?
What subject?:
What grade was it in?:
Do you get in trouble a lot?:i used to...i talked too much..well i still do im just not in hs anymore
When was the last time you got in trouble?:wheni was in HS
What did you do?:
How many schools have you been to in your whole life?:2 plus one college
Which was your favourite?:kent city
Least favourite?:its a tie between cedar springs and CMU
How big is your school?:central has about 26 thousand i think
How much homework do you get on average?:i dont remember
Do you do your homework?:kinda
Is school important to you?: yes
Rate your school life from one to ten.:ummm
Romantic Life
Have you ever had a boy/girlfriend?:nope!
How many have you had?:
What's your sexual orientation?:straight
Have you ever thought you were in love?:nope
Do you believe in love?:i think soo
Why?:i want to belive its out there
When was your last relationship?:
Who was it with?:
Who ended it?:
Why did it end?:
How long did it last?:
Are you friends with the person?:
Are you single right now?:yes
Are you happy with your status?:yes
Describe your current boy/girlfriend if you have one.:
Describe your dream boy/girlfriend.:one that doesnt cheat one me
Do you have high standards?:VERY
Are you a virgin?:indeedy do
Do you have any kinky fetishes?:im sure i will once i actually sart having sex
Do you have any fetishes at all?:suuuuure
Do you ever get hit on?:yep
Do you ever get checked out?:yep
Does it offend you?:yes and no..i like to give bad looks to guy and i like to turn them down..but i like it at the same time..thats just be being a girl
Have you ever gotten drunk and fooled around with someone you didn't like?:yes on the drunk no on the fooling around
Have you ever cheated on a significant other?:never
Been cheated on?:nope, hense the reason i dont date(much)
Are you codependant?:nope
Do you ever hit on/check out people as they walk by you?:sometimes just for fun
Do you hate relationships as much as I do?:i t hink so
Rate your romantic life from one to ten.:is there negative numbers?
Personal Life
Do you have any secrets?:yes
Do you like yourself?:some parts of myself
What's your best quality?:i make ppl happy
Do you have any talents or gifts?:sure
Do you have any problems?:yes
What are your problems?:im bitter, im cynical, im oversensative, im undecisive
What's your biggest problem?:im in a midelife crisis
Do you get on other peoples nerves?:not normally
How about your own nerves?:ehh
Are you happy?:not really
Why?:i miss my brother alot and im no thappy with my life as is
Have you been diagnosed with any mental illnesses?:im sure that will come around at some point
How about physical things?:
What do you have?:
How often do you cry?:once a week now
How often do you laugh?:every day
How often do you wish you were someone else?:not often
Why?:everyone has crap they have to deal with
Has it occured to you that you are all you have?:yes
Don't you wish you loved yourself more?:i think i need to change alot about myself before i really love myself
What would you improve on yourself?:wow..that totally just lead me to this question, i want to be more intelligent. have more opninoins, i want to be more articulate, have more hobbies, take more chances
Why?:it will make me a 'full" person
How much time do you spend alone?:alot
Do you prefer your company to the company of others?: both for me to have fun with peoplke i need alot of time alone
What do you do in your free time?:think, write clean, sing, watch tv, take walks
Do you treat yourself with respect?:i think so
How so/how not so?:im not a slut..i dont date ppl just to make myself happy
Do you deserve respect?:yes
Why?:i repect other ppl
Have you ever hurt yourself intentionally?:i think everyone has
Why?:sometimes yu just want to feel pain
What did you do?:ugh
Have you ever wished you were dead?:yes
Why?:because i dont have much of al ife as is
Do you like your smile?:yeah its big
Do you like your eyes?:sure
Are you ugly?:i dont think so
Has anyone ever called you ugly?:umm yeah but we were just joking i called a stupid bitch
Are you beautiful?:on the inside hahah
Are you conceited?:not at all
How much do you love yourself?:i think im a good person i just want to add more to myself
Rate your personal life from one to ten.:6
Overall Life
Add the other ratings from the different facets of your life together.:22
Divde this number by five.:4
This is the overall life rating you're left with.:4
Is it accurate?:umm no?
What do you think it should be?:like a 7 or something i dont know how that math is supposed to represent that
Are you happy with your life?:no. but i know whati need to do to change things
What would you change?:my actions.
Are you going to change it?:im trying
Get moving!

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