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sexycuban (profile) wrote,
on 3-21-2004 at 9:35am
Current mood: awake
Music: **this love**
Subject: **Spring break**
Lets see my spring break started good i guess but right now its really bad my parents are really gay and last night my mom told us to pack a bag with clothes so we can leave for the night but that never happend thats why they are gay and like grr i hate them like i wanted to go buy a new bathing suit and my dad had a cow hes really gay anywho other than that im pretty happy im like in a really good mood when i go back to school im going to try to do better in school and try not to skip as much but ha that prob wont happen but lets see hehe and im just really happy again i unno why i just am there is alot of bad things going on right now but im trying to be happy but lets see how long that last lol hmmm change of subject last night i couldnt hardly sleep b.c i just kept thinking about stuff and it was really confusing but w.e i was talking with jen and she told me some really good advice and i love her for that and it makes me think about alot of things THANKS JEN!!! hehe now im all happy anywho this entry sucks so ill write some laters bye bye all !!
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03-21-04 4:07pm

of corse your goin to love me, im always here for you, but yeah i miss anthony sooo fucking bad, i mean everyone is liek no dont go back out with im because he cheated on me, but hey i did it it the same way

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