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alitar (profile) wrote,
on 3-21-2004 at 8:32pm
So, um, Alias wasn't THAT bad this week either. Huh.

Could it be?




Ugh. Dudes, don't toy with me.

Really, bitches. Don't fuck with me.

They addressed the tension problem. They placed Dixon's kids in danger. Not Sydney. Well, for the most part. Not that the kids were going to die. They can't possibly kill his wife, and then his kid(s). Nice mission, good setup, nice of Syd and Dixon to pair up again. Oh, nostalgia. I like that they continue these tiny little Syd-Sark sexual tension nods. Parallel with the Jack Irina C4 necklace. Ugh, look at me all getting into it again.

I don't like that the writers continue to be inconsistent with Lauren. So one minute she's a sex-crazed bitch who gets off on car chases and killing people, the next minute she's all compassionate and shit with Dixon's tortured state of mind. Whatever.

Keep it up, kids; you might save this sinking ship yet.
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