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sexylilsweetie (profile) wrote,
on 3-23-2004 at 1:37pm
Music: tv-days of our lives
Subject: -::-UpDaTe-::-
Apparently I was wrong about why Mike has been acting different.. But I still dont know exactly what it is.. Friday night Mike stayed the night and we picked up my sister and shes been here since then but shes going home tonight. Saturday night me, Mike, Baron & Keagen went to the naples mall.. but not for long because it closed so we ate at mels diner... then Baron & Keagen went home and Me and Mike slept at my house I was soo tired to I went right to sleep when we got here.. then on sunday Mike left and went wherever then I went with Jen to her friend Elizabeths house for a little visit shes so nice. Oh and we stopped by Denises house too but she wasnt home so we ate wendys and then she dropped to back off.. and Mike come at like 12:00am and spent the night. well I really dont have anything new to write about.. I have a GED class tonight. I need to feel Michael his lunch and watch days then I might go lay out in the sun by the pool.. <3 Kayla
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