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emo414 (profile) wrote,
on 3-23-2004 at 7:12am
Current mood: happy
Music: Chantal - God Made Me
Subject: today
wow today was not as bad as i though it was gonna be. last night i felt like shit and all depressed and stuff and then i took some sleeping pills and slept really well and woke up refreshed lol. but today i had a geo test and it wasnt that hard cause i actually remembered how to do most of it so it was cool. and then after school was the highlight of my day... drum line practice lol. it was the most fun i have had in like a month and justin johnson is like the funniest guy in the world. he dances so hilarious and its just to drum beats, its funny as crap. and bradford is so dramatic and its kinda scary but he is incredibly awesome anyway. then there is lucas which no matter what he is crazy and there is lauren who is just lauren lol and then there are the other guys who i dont really talk to lol. but i had a great time there and it made me happy and energetic and made my day great. i am actually looking forward to going tomorrow and thursday. bye for now
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03-24-04 9:39pm

Lucas is a hot mother fucker


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