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lizzy (profile) wrote,
on 3-24-2004 at 12:36am
Current mood: okie
Music: The Connells "74-75"
Subject: I was your sorry ever after....
hey everyone! well the cruise was interesting...i got closer with a lot of people which was great! The show had some mishaps (cough doll foam everywhere and clown jazz shoe). But it was fun....for more fun details...see the lj....

Monday i hung out with heather + amy which was fun. we tanned, played on the comp, and watched Thirteen. At night, rach amy and i walked to wendy's and dq. fun fun. lol..then i was muy cansada so they left.

Tuesday i just chilled around the house. It felt good to relax. At night natalia came over and we watched american idol with mis padres. lol

Today...still questionable! I redid the woohu so check it out and leave a comment :) stay positive everyone. break is supposed to be fun!
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03-24-04 3:33pm

i like i like

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03-24-04 8:55pm

you have such a lovely heart. =)

i'm glad you had fun, silly lizzy. <3 your layout. turrrrtle. t-t-turrrrrtle.

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