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munkysaurus (profile) wrote,
on 3-28-2004 at 5:38pm
Music: Incubus - Southern Girl
Subject: The sonic material brain manifestations of those of the numb, come...
Yo' yo' check it, check it. Let me break it down to you.

I set a date
lost a mate
gained a new found
sense of hate

The worl' is stuck
in the 18th century
I lost
another thing dear to me

Now, I can't bust the beats
I can't rap, I can't rhyme
Why the fuck am I wastin'
my fuckin' time.

My job, yeah, she's a
All the people do is

Nag, and rag,
what a fuckin drag!

I miss Jessica
I miss not doing anything in art class
I miss talking about sex in Anatomy
I miss the ability to have passion towards drawing and writing
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