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innocence (profile) wrote,
on 3-28-2004 at 5:53pm
Subject: insiders with zach
oh man.. these stupid comments happened last night before i went to grubb's house..

zach - "sip reefer" - lol u mean smoke reefer..

danielle - "my foreheads on the cat" .. lol i meant my cats on my head

funny times.. funny times.. i love you man!

joe - "you need to smoke so you forget" LOL. ur too funny

joe and jay are a riot too..

hey guys.. its not my fault his curfew is earliar then mine!

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03-28-04 6:00pm

lol, ya pretty funny shit
see drugs = good time

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Re:, 03-28-04 6:03pm

lol.. ya we always have fun together. we'll chill more too. ur fuckin awesome man. xo

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