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lowbacca1977 (profile) wrote,
on 3-28-2004 at 4:28pm
i decided that i'd post a link here for those too lazy to copy and paste
my blogspot journal
further, i may make a triumphant return here, as blogspot hasn't been terribly advantagous, though i've not put too much time into working on it yet. either way, it could be more. and no one really goes to it, either.
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03-29-04 3:57am

Nooo, don't defect from Blogspot!

Mike, from my experience, many people read blogs but don't make comments, even when asked to. I know a lot of people I'd hardly expect to read mine, but they'd IM me saying they liked this one entry, and I'd be all, "If you read it, then comment!" and they'd be all lame and be like "Uh... no."

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05-07-04 11:08pm

Your $2.00USD has been received. Thank you.

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