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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 3-28-2004 at 9:01pm
you know what makes me feel absolutely georgous.
being surrounded by bubbles.
how crazy is that.

it makes me feel mysterious. because of how infantile it is. it seems like it makes people wonder. shes is abouve blowing bubbles like a child, what about blowing bubbles makes her want to do that.

i want to know more about her.

many peple have told me i have eyes that sparkle.

but they didnt say that exactly. someone once said my eyes light up. and some said my eyes shined.
and someone said my eyes made them want to tell me they loved me.

how odd, that people can get an emotion as stong as love just by looking into anothers eyes. a concept which has totally been ruined for me, and i will not pass it on to you, if you are one of those who gets weak at the knees from a good eye lock.

i am sore, karens party was fun. we swang on swings. like children often do.
we walked downtown and got pizza which was crazy daisy. and then we went to this senior chrissy's house and went swimming. and came back and ate spagetti.

oh man this girl had a hamster and one of those balls that they can roll around the house in! I SWEAR TO GOD IT WAS THE MOST HILARIOUS THING I HAVE SEEN IN D A Y S.
if you roll him in it he kinda spins around stuck to the side. and when he wants to stop he stops and rolls up the side and sorta falls. and HE RAN INTO WALLS!!
that little guy rolled all around the house. it was great.

i cut my foot climbing on the cement things under the bridge near the park. it sucks. i superglued it shut and i got that off so now i have a band aid on it.

;D i love you more than ever
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03-30-04 12:34pm

I missed Karen's party. -JAmie

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Re:, 04-08-04 6:28pm

jamie you crazy thing!! you still read this journal?

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