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candysweet14 (profile) wrote,
on 3-29-2004 at 2:25am
Current mood: amused
Music: 'hang on, I'll transfer your call"
Subject: wow....a cute. lol
Hey people! I wanna be a part of the sexy beast mafia!!! *cries* oh well. I'll just have to live with it. :(
Guess what! I'm at school! weeee! Well, I'm not entirely sure what to type in here so I shall name off "a few" quotes and sayings that me, my friends, and my 3 imaginary friends have made up..

"It's cocking great!"
"Huzzah!(not by us but we say it alot)"
"moo pie capa delta!"
"hey let's play the zombie kitten game!"
"*gasp* you broke my cunting toy! you utter cunt! you utter f*ck!!"
"look mum! I can fly!"
"you make god cry..."
"your giving me a hangover!"
"nacho nacho man! I wanna be a nacho man(simpsons)"
"I set my laser from stun to kill"
"oh yeah, great, yeah, if anyone attacks us..we can blink em to death."
"the spongmonkeys want to have a little fun. what!? *slaps* I only meant they would like to go to disneyland this summer. oH! you and your mind"
"weee. Quick!!! teaparty everyone!"
"go fix your solar sun rays. Then go clean up your aresol spray(secret code)"
I'll put more later
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04-05-04 2:33pm

Hi Candice! *waves*
You haven't posted in a while...I wonder why......hmmm....oh well, but yeah, I gotta go....bye Candice!...We love you!

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