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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 3-31-2004 at 3:23pm
Current mood: happy//singing along
Music: break down here - julie roberts
Subject: happy hump day :P
so here is my day in a nutshell:
-math starts with a m...whoa so does migraine
-mo-mo, jake, rina and i....incubus concerto..wanna go? talk to me
- tgs line reciting at lunch
- freakin DOUBLE wet willy from will in spanish
- i turned around and hit him in the arm askin wtf? and angel who sits next to me was like "whoa i never heard you cuss before"
-"ewwww you wet willied my ankle!" -angel
- if brandon calls me backseat betty one more time..the squirrels will be called
-singing "look at me, i'm sandra dee" while walkin to mi casa from the stop with casey
-report card...chevelle-worthy grades :)

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03-31-04 3:56pm

hahahahahahaha. remember, for all your squirrel mob needs, call 1-666-SQUIRREL.

HAHA. man, those suckers throw apples!

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Re:, 03-31-04 4:03pm

..fucking kangaroos.
you should have yelled at him with some autralian lingo hahahaha.

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