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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 3-31-2004 at 3:35pm
Current mood: happy//honky tonky
Music: country boys and girls - tim mcgraw
Subject: why brandi's room smelled like garlic...
once when i was younger, i was at my friend brandi's casa.

we had just been talking about if the barbie dolls would move when you werent looking,

if they became....alive.

we must have been like 6/7 when this happened.

so we were in her room and we heard this weird noise from outside her window

(it was really the deaf girl who lived in the apartmento nearby...but we didnt know that)

we got really scared and jetted out of that room...thinking it was the barbies coming for us....they were alive remember?

so brandi and i go into their kitchen and grab...the garlic powder'

we go back to her room, garlic powder in hand, and sprinkle it ALL OVER her room

i have no idea what we were thinking with that garlic powder

maybe since garlic wards off vampires that it will save you from evil barbies

we got in trouble for dousing her room with the garlic powder

but hey, at least we didnt get ambushed by evil barbies

after that incident, everytime i went into her smelled like garlic

since then they moved

and i bet the people who live there now wonder why that one room reeks of garlic

but thanks to brandi and i

they will never be attacked by evil barbies

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03-31-04 4:01pm

totally man. why do you think all my barbies are headless?

they are evil.

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