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*dashboard*confessional*sucks* (profile) wrote,
on 4-2-2004 at 12:07am
Current mood: amused
Wow. I forget I made this journal. It's funny to look back and read the comments people have made. People get too serious about this shit.

Everything I've ever said in this journal is an opinion. There is an obviously large number of people with a opinion differing from mine. This is fine. I can live with people believing different things. But it disgusts me when people state their opinions as facts, and are hardened to them.

"Carrabba is awesome. You suck, you're fat and jealous, etc."

Exactly. I dont feel that people that dont feel as I do about Chris Carrabba are stupid, but most of the people here that comment are. They tel me to get a life. Shit. This is too amusing.

And to further state my beliefs. I dont feel that Chris Carrabba is all that talented. He's a better guitar player than me, but that doesnt make him very good. I know many people that are better than him at that. I dont think hes a hoprrible singer or musician, but hes in no way great or amazing. He is good at writing pop alt-rock music. Thats not really something to be proud of. Pop music appeals to those who know nothing about music. To a musician, pop music is the lowest form of music, yet the highest paying. I'm jealous of his money. I'd love to make millions from playing crappy music.

Also, I get a lot of insults on this journal. One in particular was something along the lines of "you suck pussy!-rawr"
Damn right, bitch!
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