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emo414 (profile) wrote,
on 4-3-2004 at 3:08am
Current mood: dont know
Music: The Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
Subject: Im Not Sure Anymore
Im not sure what i am for anymore. i dont know who i am or what i want to acomplish in life. i am a lost sole and people are starting to recognize that i am just wondering around aimlessly. everyday is the same and everyday when i wake up i keep praying that something will happen to make me find myself. something that will make a day better, something that will make me want to wake up again and go to school and be happy all over again. there has to be something to work for, something to put all the effort into and something that will say good job at the end of the day. thats one thing i know i want. something thats gonna be there at the end of the day, no matter what screw ups or great accomplishes i made, thats just going to say great job on being you. great job on being a great person and everything someone could ever hope you could be. i need something to make me feel here and make me feel like i am fufilling a purpose everyday. will i ever get to see the ending to this story that i keep making longer and longer everyday and im not even sure what story i am writing but i know there is one. hopefully an end will come soon because i am thinking its gonna turn out pretty good. i am gonna be searching really soon, for myself and for something else that will hopefully help me out everyday and just be there for me. bye for now.
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there's me..., 04-08-04 6:13pm

and everyone else who you affect. ryan, everyone loves you, and everyone who you are in contact with, you affect, deeply. we are what you are living for. you enhance our lives and i hoped that wwe may enhance yours...

i love you pop:)

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Re: there's me..., 04-12-04 9:20pm

POP! i love you so much and i want to let you know that u definately enhance my life and that i would never commite suicide lol because i cant imagine going for eternity without having more friendship with you and all of the crazy memories that we make together. i love you and u are one of my most cherished(?*) friends. i love u carly and want to thank you for all the support.

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