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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 4-3-2004 at 10:31pm
Current mood: sad//disappointed
Music: break down here - julie roberts
Subject: home is where the heart is
i am homeless

home is where you feel most comfortable

the walls embrace you like the arms of a great aunt that you havent seen in years

that is where after anything like a break up, rough day at school, or any curve ball that comes your way, you can go and feel safe in your soul

home sweet home, they say

i am homeless

i live in a house

not a home

ready to move

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04-04-04 1:32am

why is your house not a home?
i could fix it! with pancakes and cookies and coffee. and a few pictures of tgs :)

<3 rina

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04-04-04 10:47am

when yew say yer homeless r u sayin u have no home er u sayin yer home isn't as comforting as it used to be? im sure yer friends understand, but i dont know you, i just picked up yer journal somewhere... so in a way i guess im being nosy, and if yer offended ""sorry"". well if yer not i guess continue reading...

i've gone thru some tough shyt in my lyf (( u could prolly care less )) and home was always where i felt safe... in my bed, at my desk, just basically in my room. i like your similes and shyt on how home is like a great aunt, and stuff because it is. but when even just one thing changes IN THE HOME or something happened to piss you off IN THE HOME it's like where do you go? is that what happeened, and now yer homeless? if yer on the road and seriously HOMELESS, how r u updatin yer jernal? lol. yew got some connections, huh?

well, my IM is uconnbaby12, so if yew need sumfin... you know where to go....

sometimes a stranger is the best person to talk to, because they can't judge you on yer past, and stuff.


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