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the-last-tear-will-fall (profile) wrote,
on 4-5-2004 at 9:09am
I guess GOD just fosn't want me to have a good life. ANd I guess I'm just souposed to be ignored and Invisable. And the people who think I'm not invisable are: Chelsie, AMber, Missy, Grace, Ian, Sam, Anna, Heather, David, Jilly, Jill, and ANDI! But yeah, I guess some people are ment to have few best friends.

My dad says I can have a paarty!!! But I don't know who i would invite. I bet not alot of people would come.

CHELSIE!!!!!~~~I know summin you can do for spring break! If its okay with my dad and Aunt, you cna come with me and My dad to my Aunt's house upnort. Or maybe you and I could look online for cheep things to go to. lol!

I guess you are right Erica, But maybe we just gotta start out little, and get bigger and find out if we really do want to be friends. I hope your paarty was good!?!?!?!

Well Imma proby gonna go now, Chelsie if you read this and haven't already, then call me sweetie!!!!! I LOVE YEW!!!! And Jilly and Britty, and Erin too!!!!

Well.... I love you all!!!

*Sometimes you gotta walk away from your friends too see who will follow you and who is true.* ~I've been following you Erica.


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04-05-04 11:36am

hey thing 1 !!!! i'll kall u later tonite im at davids but maybb my mom will let me walk ovr later!!! luvv ya !!!

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04-06-04 7:21pm

Megan... I do want to start over and start slowly as friends instead of getting to friendly and over our heads.... I don't really get what you mean by saying you were following me! But anyways, yeah... my party was good but I also don't get why you said I don't care about Amber and Missy cuz I do and they are my friends! And on the other hand my party was as little boring because some people found it fun to watch movies the whole time! anyways I'm outtie

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Re: erica and megz, 04-07-04 10:29pm

first things first, i love u too meggerz! next, im sorry i watched movies at ur house erica, that wuz selfish, hope ull forgive me!!!

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