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DisturbedDragon (profile) wrote,
on 4-5-2004 at 12:00am
Current mood: apathetic
Music: Wake Up Angel - Pita Ten
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Hah. Just joined with the help of Meroko. /\_/\;; Anyways, here's my poem.

we, in whispers of quiet anger, wove time in tendrils like swans wings, the gentle and almost too subtle ripples left in the water becoming our sorrow, our tears. the suns pallour is akin to winter -- again, the metaphorical spawn of sadness and frigid emptiness -- but the sun is glamorous in its devouring heat, the very warmth and dawning, drawing light that unfurls the waxen leaves of plants, of plants, of plants. and the very arms of me.

we found shade, shadows that bloom and murmur away in rivulets (and tearful mascara) under the trees who flourished from happy.

i spy my body, a being in unsampled black water. ink, piceous and swimming, it covets me more than a mother to her child or an unlikely but overlavished pet. a shell, an exterior, something which receives the batters of weather and the unruly hourglass. please, never take me back if it is not your certain of wish, please, never take me back if youre not you who you were and if i am not me who i was, and please... please never let me erase you from me.

that is my teenage poetry, my freeverse. less poetry and more rambled poop. But no stealie. ._o
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