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lizzy (profile) wrote,
on 4-5-2004 at 5:48pm
Current mood: anticipating
Music: SoCo
Subject: like that icon ehhh?
my wknd was good...friday was chillin with the girls, wendy's, natalia's, pimp my ride, spice world. Saturday and Sunday i hung out at the hotel with my cousin Pam and uncle and aunt. Last night, all my florida fam and them came over to dinner. Pam and i played with our cousins, it was fun.

well the next 2 months are gonna be crazy! concerts, school, dance show, exams, eagle-ette auditions + practices, parties, banquets...AHH! i'm worried just thinking about how i'm gonna get to do everything. This weekend is the concert- something corporate and yellowcard with my darling christini :) I'm just a bit concerned becuz friday i have practice, my permit test, and then have to go hang out with my in-town relatives. Saturday i probably have to hang out with them all day too becuz at night i'm going to the concert. Then sunday, somehow i will have to read 2 econ chapters, study for my stats test, and probly a bunch of other things the teachers will pile on. Fourth quarter is crazy and i just have to take it day by day and STOP PROCRASTINATING cuz i dunt have much time to waste.

i can do it. woooo. gotta get started! <3
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04-05-04 7:21pm

lol. i love you. i want to go so badly. wish i could. thats cute, your icon is SoCo and your layout is YC. i wuv you <3.

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Re:, 04-06-04 4:41pm

u'll def be there in spirit my fellow SoCo lover and we'll be calling :) ....i love you too!

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