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butterflykisses37 (profile) wrote,
on 4-6-2004 at 5:43pm
Current mood: sad and jealous and ick.
Subject: did you ever see that one person?
I had a bad day. it didn't really seem like it, and it wasn't reallllly bad..I just realllllly didn't like it. it's mine and Alex's 10 month anniversary..I forgot. I'd like to say that I had too much on my mind, and I do, I just don't know what all of it is. yea. think. I don't feel good.
on a good note, the Aerosmith+Cheap Trick concert was great..fab-u-lous. Cheap Trick is the shit..and Steven Tyler is the sexiest 50something year old man my eyes have ever encountered. that, my friends, was rock and fucking roll.
I'm extremely exhausted. there's so much to being a teenager that there isn't really anything. I love From Autumn to Ashes. too bad I can't see them with my favorite band ever, right? so here's a list of things of why I'm jealous.
I am jealous of Alex and Caitlin because they get to go to the Every Time I Die show at the Social tomorrow night.
I am jealous of my cousins, Jessi, Sammi, and Billy (and Auntie Patti and Uncle Dave for that matter) because they're at Disney right now, where everything is happy and make believe.
I am jealous of Erin, Alex, and Mark because they get to drive to Tampa to see Atreyu and FATA.
I am jealous of every girl who is able to be friends with who they want without them kissing her.
I am jealous of Vicki because she's so intelligent and organized with everything from her highlighters to her patients to her daughter.
I am jealous of people who are rich and use immense amounts of money on worthless shit, liek trash cans.
I am jealous of my cats, who sleep and eat and have fun all day.
I am jealous of people who do shit in school, but still pass with a 3.0.

okay, I'll shut up. I hope whoever reads this just kind of, skipped over that..kinda stupid huh? let's see the things that make me, smile. yea, smile. nevermind. I'm gonna go.
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