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lizster540 (profile) wrote,
on 4-6-2004 at 7:45pm
mmmm brownies are goooood! So whats up? Im going to Katie's in tww seconds. tomorrow me, her, and alanna are going to da Beach. woot woot. okay so leave me lots and lots of comments to read when i get back! yay! L8ter Sk8ter....

<3, CouNtry
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04-06-04 11:34pm

a lot is up. my knees are rug burned [[kindof]], my arms hurt, im kinda tired, so many people in that f'n gay posse, not gonna start. i like brownies. i think im goin to the beach this week..idk. that reminds me- my back is somewhat burnt from the tannin bed. and some more but ill hold off*

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