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stefoffanie (profile) wrote,
on 4-8-2004 at 10:41am
Current mood: hungry :/
wooo hoo goin to that concert on friday with my ashlie cakes and ray and corey are gonan go to, its gonan be lots of fun i just went to ticket master and they still ahve tickets!! yay!! there all general admission i dont know if that is a good thing or not?? i lokked at the seating chart and there was no general admission listed on it so maybe u sit where ever yoiu want. that would be good....ah shit the bell is gonna rign...i g2g......ill update later...maybe...i dunno..

someone comment no one gives me love ne more accpt ashlie :)!!

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04-08-04 8:21pm

I always give you lovin, outside of the journal too ;) oh shit haha kidding

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04-08-04 10:00pm

so my lovin in 6th period doesnt count!?


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MmmMM lovin......tasty, 04-09-04 3:15pm

hehe i love u too,,,,yes zack the lovin does count i look foward to it everyday!!! ;)...and ashlie...shhh!!people aren't suposed to know about that...haha j/k...thankks for the lovin guys...


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