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living-still (profile) wrote,
on 4-8-2004 at 1:07pm
Current mood: unwanted
Ryan came over yesterday...

He laughed when we were kissing...

I don't know what that means...

He said he would call me later that night...

He didn't...

I don't know what to do. I'm frightened he doesn't love me...

I am mean and selfish and rude and over reacting and stupid and a drama queen and a flake and narsassistic and horrible and a monster and aweful and dumb and foolish and retarded and I can't stand my feelings at all..

K!ll me now,
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04-08-04 2:36pm

In my eyes Lauren, you are very wonderful.

Don't let people let you think otherwise.

Im sure Ryan loves you very much...sometimes when people are nervous, they laugh.

I love you.

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04-17-04 1:02pm

Your $2.00USD has been received. Thank you.

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06-25-04 3:57am

hey, im one of kalies friends..... my name is patrick. if this is the lauren im thinking of then you already know me.
your not stupid.... your not all the things you say you are. your too hard on yourself lauren. dont worry about ryan. he'll love you when he wants to. if he never does then its no big deal, there are plenty of fish in the sea i guess you could say. the point im trying to make is dont be too hard on yourself and ya.

i dont know if this is the right lauren but if it is... im going to miss you a lot when you move to las vages. again i dont knwo if your the lauren im thinking of but if you are i just want to say i love you a lot.

patrick ryan kolstee

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Tis me....KALIE!, 06-28-04 10:07am

Uhhh...yeah....errrr...this tis a different lauren.

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hm, 08-01-04 1:19pm

I know exactly how that feels.. somehow..

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08-15-04 7:17pm

When you are scared about something like this, the world looks dull and grey and frightening and you can't help but hate yourself. It'll get better, though it may take a while.


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