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brandi52_lp (profile) wrote,
on 4-8-2004 at 10:50pm
break is going by waaay too fast. I haven't had hardly any free time by myself so far. which isn't necessarily a bad thing cause i got to spend time w/ a couple of my friends. *smiles. but, i'm sad, another 4 days and it's back to school. oh well. only 2 more years right:) Edward Scissorhands is a sad movie... they're so mean to him. *looks at erika.. tear*

i babysat 5 kids yesterday. that was fun. then i babysat 3 today. even more fun. that's ok though.. i like kids and it's good money.

i went to my brother's house tonight... which was nice cause i hardly ever see him. i talked to his fiancee.. aww... she's so nice. i'm telling you this because i know you all care. ha.

i think i'm going to get my hair highlighted soon since i actually have money now. yay. blonde and strawberry blonde.. hopefully it doesn't turn out bright red... that would be tragic, yes it would.

well, off i go.. hope everyone has a good break (or what's left of it):)

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