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irishidiot (profile) wrote,
on 4-8-2004 at 11:39pm
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Music: The Vandals-An Idea For a Movie
So, what's your name?:Peter Schmid
When were you born?:March 31, 1988
Where were you born?:Burbank, CA
What's your zodiac sign?:Aries
Where do you live now?:Saugus, CA
Where would you like to live?:Hmm... Manhattan, Hawaii, or Northern California
What would you have liked to be named?:I dunno.
Who do you live with?:My parents, sisters, grandmother, pets.
Do you like them?:yes
Your Friends
How many best friends do you have?:Um. Lots.
Who?:AJ, Bryce, Tom, Manouk, Raymond, Kyle, Jacie, Dave, Karin, Jake, Boots, Tim P., Dusty, Kyle H......
How many friends would you say you have?:Um. Lots. Like, millions.
If you had to stereotype yourselves, what would you be?:Skater/pop punk
Who's the funniest?:Steve B.
The smartest?:Scott S.
The craziest?:PJ.
The quietist?:I don't really have quiet friends. Maybe Danny (D-Chong)
The nicest?:Jacie
The meanest?:Hmm... I have no mean friends, just blunt ones.
The flirtiest?:You know, I don't really know.
Do you hang out with your friends a lot?:Not lately, but yeah.
Do you ever feel that you can't trust anyone?:Nope. Hardly ever.
Do you secretly dislike one or more of your friends?:No.
Do you use people?:No.
Do you think they use you?:If I knew, why would I allow it?
Your Family
Do you get along with your parents?:Yeah
Do you get along with your siblings?:Yeah. Um, no. Sometimes.
Do you have any pets, which kinds/breeds, and what names?:Um. Two cats, Patch and Sophie. A dog, Molly. A bird, Peaches (well, its not mine, but you get the picture)
Do you really dislike anyone in your family, or any of your relatives?:No, but they can get annoying.
Do you really like someone in your family, or a relative?:By "really like" as in relationship-wise, no. Best friend-wise, yes. My cousin Bobby.
Do you think it's wrong to have a relationship with someone in your family?:Yeah, its kinda creepy.
What nationality are you?:I love this question. Irish, Polish, German, Swedish, and get this, NATIVE AMERICAN. Oh and French. And English. I think.
Are your parents different nationalities?:Yeah, my dad's Polish and a little French and my mom's Native American-Irish
Does your family usually have problems?:No
Is there a stong bond between you and your family?:Yeah
Are you a good student?:I guess so. 3.0 GPA. Not AMAZING!!! Not SUCKY!!! But good. I'm happy with that.
Are you failing any classes?:Nope.
Which is your favorite class?:Hmm... Choir as an elective and Mod Civ as a core class
Which is your least favorite class?:Spanish.
Do you hate your teachers?:No
Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?:Eww... no.
Do you like school?:It's alright
Does your school have AOL?:Some kids sneak Instant Messager on to the comps, but thats it.
Are you smart?:Depends on what you call smart, really. I'm pretty good in the book smarts, I'm alright in the street smarts, I'm WAY WAY WAY WAY above average in the wilderness smarts.
Music Movies and Fame
What type of music do you listen to?:Punk, rock, basically anything except for pop and rap.
What do you think of rock?:ROCK ON!! (sorry, just had to do it.)
What do you think of pop?:No.
What do you think of rap?:Hell no motha f***er.
Do you think MTV has been taken over by singers trying to make a tv show?:MTV sucks. VH1 is better.
What are you school dances like?:I dunno, haven't gone to one
Do you think there are too many untalented singers becoming famous?:Two words. William Hung.
Which celebrity would you like to see dead?:I dunno, some rich one.
What is your favorite movie?:Spiderman, no question.
What is your favorite type of movie?:Action, adventure.
What type of movie can you not stand?:Chick-flicks. Or anything with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.
Who is your favorite actor and actress?:Hmm... Tom Hanks.
Are movies these days getting pathetic?:Some.
Would you like to be famous?:To a certain point. I wouldn't want my face plastered on some tabloid saying I cheated with an alien from Mars, or something. They do that when you get famous, you know.
Do you think you have the potential to become famous?:Yeah, maybe.
Beliefs and Religion
Do you believe in God?:Yes.
Do you believe in Heaven?:Yes.
Do you believe in Angels?:Yes.
Do you believe in Satan?:Yes...
Do you believe in Hell?:Yes....
Do you believe in Demons?:No.
Do you believe in witches?:No.
Do you believe in magic?:No.
Do you believe in Mel Gibson's attempt to make The Passion a hit?:I don't think he wanted it to be a hit. I think he wanted to make it so that masses could see what he wanted them to see.
What religion are you?:Catholic
Do you practice your religion? (ie: church, prayer):Does altar boy and Confirmation candidate answer your question? Of course I practice my religion.
Favorite color?:Green
Animal?:Tiger. Rowr.
Flavor?:Hmm... watermelon.
Smell?:Girls lotion.
Store?:Best Buy or any computer store. Haha, I'm a tech geek.
Clothing brand?:I dunno. Any band label is fine with me.
Food?:Pretzels, bagels, Peeps, onion rings, bananas
State?:Hmm... its a toss-up between Hawaii and New York. I'd say Hawaii.
Country?:U.S.A. It's the only one I know.
Celebrity?:BILL GATES! (guy who made Microsoft. Interesting fact: He didn't develop MS-DOS. He only bought it for $10,000 from some guy)
How tall are you?:6'0" - 6'1"
How much do you weigh?:200
What is your shoe size?:13
What color hair do you have?:Brown
Describe your hair:Wavy, thick, looks like a mess at times, but thats only because its thick and does what it wants to do. Longish. It'd be longer if it wasn't so curly.
What color eyes do you have?:Buh-loo
What color skin do you have?:Depends. My arms turn colors, and the rest of me is white.
Do you, or others find yourself attractive?:I dunno, ask them.
If you could, what would you change about yourself?:I'd be buff.
If you were born over, would you want to change sexes?:What's born over? Alright, I'll just take it from "Would you want to change sexes?" No way. No child birth for me, thank you.
Do you have a nice body?:If I were a little skinnier, yeah.
Do you wear a lot of makeup?:Yes. I mean...
What kind of makeup?:I don't.
Do you dress inappropriately?:Yeah, my boobs are always showing and I wear only hot pants.
What types of clothes do you wear?:Jeans, t-shirts, button-up shirts.
Do you write on your hands with pen?:Yeah.
Do you shave your arms?:No.
How often do you shave your legs?:Haha
How often do you shave your armpits?:Nev-uh.
How would you rate your appearance on a scale from 1-10?:7, average.
Kids and Sex
How far have you gone?:I have six kids. Two with my wife in Boston, one with my girlfriend in Florida, and the rest with my cousin. Seriously now, just kissing.
Are you heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual?:heterosexual
Do you wish you could go farther?:Yeah, but only when I'm married. I'm a good little Catholic boy.
Are there parts of your body you would change first in order to go farther?:I'd lose the weight in my stomach and crap
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:No
Do you have any crushes?:Yes, not tellin' who though. She reads this.
Are you engaged/married?:Yes.
Do you want kids?:Yes
Even if you said no to the previous question, what would you name them?:If I had a boy, I'd want his middle name to be William, just to pass on the family tradition. Other than that, I don't care.
How many, and what genders would you want?:At least one boy, one girl. Maybe 4 or 5 total.
Do you like kids?:Yes
Are you an uncle/aunt?:No
This Or That
Rock or Rap?:Rock
Black Chalkboard or Green Chalkboard?:Black
Black or White?:Black
Leader or Follower?:Depends. If people get their head's out of their asses and listen to me, I can be a great leader. But since they won't, I have to follow.
Trendsetter or Trendfollower?:Trendfollower. Except when it came to my backpack. I was the first to have it at my school, thank you. Now like, 4 or 5 kids have it.
Unique and Original or Go Along With The Crowd To Fit In?:Go Along With The Crowd To Fit In
Boy or Girl?:Boy
Cat or Dog?:Hmm... dogs don't really like me. Cats are stubborn. Dogs.
Good or Bad?:Good.
Goldfish or Tropical Fish?:Goldfish. Mmm... Oh wait, not food. Tropical.
Shark or Crocodile?:Shark!
Snake or Spider?:Spider's creep me out. Snake.
Birth or Death?:question to answer. Death you go on to a better place if you were good, and it ends all the pains of life. For you at least.
Stay or Go?:Go.
Phone With A Cord or Cordless Phone?:Cordless
Computer or Laptop?:Computadora
Bright or Dark?:Bright
Sun or Moon?:Moon
Day or Night?:Night.
Buried or Cremated?:Buried
Do you have a cellphone?:A yeah-yuh
What type?:Motorola 120E aka Brick.
What type of computer do you have?:A desktop comp. But I built it from scratch, so it has parts from a lot o' companies. So its Petie-tron Brand computers.
What is your screen name?:whoa isthatme
Are you a boy or girl?:Boy.
Would you say you're perverted?:No.
Are you a troublemaker?:Not really
Do you get away with things?:Oh yeah.
Do you steal?:No
Do you smoke?:NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. I hate smokers.
Do you drink?:No
Do you do drugs?:NO
Are you a vegetarian?:Hahahahaha ha....
Do you wear thongs?:Hahahaha
Are you depressed?:No
Do you obsess over death?:No
Do you like gore?:No
Do you like anime?:Yeah!
Do you play Yugioh with your dorky friends at lunch?:Hahaha, that was EXACTLY what I did last year!
Do you watch a lot of tv?:No, I'm on the comp most of the time
What are your favorite shows?:The Simpsons. By far.
Do you like Volcom or Independent Truck Company?:Volcom
Do you like Poison the Well or Thursday? PM me if you like the last 2 Q's:Haven't heard anything from Poison the Well. So Thursday.
Are you a control freak?:No
Are you racist?:Nope
Do you have a lot of nightmares?:Not lately
Do you have cool dreams?:Haha, I do, but I forget them
What is your most embarassing moment?:Hmm.. I have a lot. I guess I slipped on some ice during a very serious ceremony at a church camp while holding a 10 or so inch nail in my hand. I tried to play it cool after
Do you blame things you do on someone else?:No, not really
Do you have a job?:Used to. Video game store
What do you want to be when you're older?:Music producer or a sound engineer
Do you want to go to college?:Yeah
Where do you want to live when you're older?:Wow, I have no clue.
Do you make fun of people?:No, not since 8th grade.
Are you very critical of others?:No
Do you judge people by how they look, instead of their personality?:Nope.
What traits do you look for in a friend?:Nice, trustworthy, helpful. An all-around good person.
What do you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend?:Personality, right off the bat. If you're a real stuck up, I don't wanna deal with you. I like nice girls. Intelligent, serious, but also have a funny side to them.
Are you obsessed with surveys?:No
Are you on your computer too much?:Yeah...
Do you have a life?:Uh-huh.
Do you like winter?:Oh yeah. Snow's fun.
Do you like summer?:Oh yeah! I looooooooooooove swimming.
What's the best Disney movie?:Pirates of the Carribean. Regardless if it had Johnny Depp or not, it was a good movie.
Do you notice the random perverted things in Disney movies?:I've seen a lot of them, but don't really care.
Do you notice bloopers on your own in movies?:Not really.
Do you lie a lot?:Not really, I'm pretty trustworthy.
What is your worst habit?:Biting my lip. I hate it.
What are your fears?:The unknown
Are you afraid of death?:no
Do you think dogs are really colorblind?:Yeah
Do you have an itch?:Whoa, I do.
Do you think American Idol is getting pointless?:After the first couple of episodes (the ones with all the bad singers) it gets pointless. Otherwise, its okay.
Although Simon Cowell's comments are harsh, aren't they so true?:Yeah-yuh
Did you enjoy this survey?:Meh.
Just out of the blue, do you like tidal waves as much as I do?:They're fun.

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