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suzume (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2004 at 1:55pm
Current mood: amused
Music: Testing 1, 2, 3 by Barenaked Ladies
Subject: Gift of love
A | anger, apathy, amusement, annoyance, anxiousness
B | bitterness, bitchy-ness, blank, bouncy, blissful
C | cheerfulness, crazy, cranky, content, comtemplative, cynical
D | disrespectfulness, depressed, distressed, drained, drunk
E | ecstatic, enjoyment, energetic, exhausted, excited, enraged, exaggerated, exasperated
F | frustrated, flirty, (cussing not the other thing... O_O)fuck, fear, freedom
G | gloomy, glad, goodness, grumpy, guilty
H | hopeful, hyper, hell
I | ignored, irate, indifferent, infuriated
J | joyful, jubilant
K | kindness
L | lonely, lucky, lifeless
M | morose, moody, motherly, maimed
N | never, numb
O | open, o.k.
P | playful, peaceful, painful
Q | queer, queenly, quizzical
R | restless, revengeful
S | sad, screaming, sore
T | trembling, thankful, thoughtful, tired
U | uncomfortable, used
V | vehemently, venomous, vengeful, vexed
W | weary, worried, weird
Y |
Z | zoo!

: Gift of Love.
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