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rachel (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2004 at 3:44pm
Current mood: hungry
Music: hot hot heat
sorry.. i have been neglecting my woohu a lot lately. i guess no one should care but me.. but whatever.
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04-09-04 5:07pm

i'm sure bunches of people care about you. dont doubt yourself, love.


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thank you, 04-09-04 5:38pm

keep on writing.. you're the one that calls me cheap for not wanting to pay the $2 lol.. and OMG loveee the comment text!! awesome <33

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04-09-04 6:43pm

i care. i care for you and your hedgehogs. remember that.

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04-09-04 9:56pm

rachel! i dont really know whats going on..but i care about you!! im here if you wanna talk..<3

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04-09-04 10:09pm

rach- i care :D

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04-10-04 6:46pm

geez guys.. thanks i feel loved.. but i guess i should clarify: i didnt mean that i dont think anyone cares about me, i meant that i should be the only one who cares about the fact that ive been neglecting my woohu... lol sorree to worry people if i have

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