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runningaway (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2004 at 12:19am
Current mood: good.
Music: the vines-winning days.
Subject: nope.
i havent updated in awhile.

wednesday i took the family to see mr. cypress. my grandpa didnt really like it, imagine that. but my mom and grandma loved it. as did i.

thursday was no school for me. i spent some quality time w/ my grandma.

yesterday was okay. i took my grandparents to the airport. :( then i stayed home and watched cheaper by the dozen w/ my mom 'cause she was sad.

i saw bear in a big blue car driving down the road! haha.

today i party w/ L and E and hopefully adam. it shall be fun.

tomorrow i get up and go to the sunrise service on the beach.

then i chill w/ ernie and lenny again. ill have to see whats up.

i finally got the new vines cd. it makes my life complete.

that is all.
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04-10-04 12:41pm

and i was soooo pimp in that big blue car.

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Re:, 04-10-04 12:48pm

oh, i know this. Indiana license plates and all.

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04-10-04 1:16pm

ahahaha you do it w bear in blue cars alll day!

(not actually do IT..)

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Re:, 04-11-04 10:26pm

AH, lol. word.

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