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orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2004 at 2:36pm
Current mood: good
Music: incubus - make yourself
Subject: So I enter the adult world...
...just a buncha bull shit. Buying smokes, porn, and lottery tickets never really appealed to me. Turning 18 just means I have more shit to do now. Gotta go get my "totally free checking account" this week, I'm getting my license next week, I'm gonna get more hours at work, less breaks, and now I can get into more trouble for the shit I do if I get caught, because I'm now an adult. I sure don't feel any older. It's all just a number.

All district concert band tryouts are on monday. I haven't done more than look at the names of the songs I have to play for the audition. It would be pretty funny if I didn't make it though, seeing as I got two superiors at state S&E, on my quartet and bari solo. Shit always has a funny way of working out like that. It wouldn't really matter if I didn't make it though. I allready took off of work on the days of the performances.

Since I get my license in a week, I get my car in two, or just before prom. My dad is really hooking it up. He's got his personal mechanic fixing everything on the mechanical end, it's getting new upholstery on the seats, new carpet, new dash, new head liner, new front and rear bumpers, the body shop is grinding out all my rust, fixing the dent on the rear qtr. pannel, it's getting the accents rechromed, and a new paintjob; going from ghetto spraypaint baby blue to a more masculine GM dark blue. So my dad is basically taking care of everything and totally hooking me up. I'm responsible for the stereo and wheels. I just dropped $300 on the head unit and front and rear speakers. I'll eventually get subs to give it some bottom. The wheels on the car now are apparently the most expensive option Chevy had in 1984. I bet in 1984 they were pimp as hell, but in 2004 they don't look as cool. They've got to go. I'm thinking a set of late 80's Camaro RS wheels would look hot.

Thanks to steph for liking my poem; if it is a poem at all. I'm flattered. And suki, you rule.
I'm out.
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:), 04-10-04 6:39pm

happy big 18, tudi.
have fun tonight and hopefully we can hang out tomorrow.

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"anonymous" ick, 04-10-04 9:58pm

i guess i'm a reject for not having a woohu. But i just wanted to say happy bday ag. the big 1-8 its crazy. I still feel little every time a bday passes. I wanted to call and realized i have no clue what ur cell #is. The whole fixin up ur monte carlo is just like MTV's "pimp my ride!" <-- lol YES i have watched it and i'm fascinated how GOOD a piece-o-junk can look after just a lil while. u better take me out for a spin. hope ur out having a good 18th <3stephhh

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04-11-04 11:47pm

Happy B-day!
Best of luck in your 18th. It's really not as bad as you say it is ;] and I speak from experience. You don't have to like porn or smoke to enjoy being 18. Be creative.
Best of luck at all district.

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04-17-04 12:58pm

Your $2.00USD has been received. Thank you.

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