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butterflykisses37 (profile) wrote,
on 4-11-2004 at 11:45am
Current mood: easter-ish.
Music: To Love and Be Loved..(not the question my friends, the goal.)
Subject: it's easter! :)
easter to many people means Jesus resurrecting..or something like that. to others, it means family and chocolate. yea, I'll leave it at that. so I've had a reallly great birthday weekend. on thursday, (April birthday) I walked to Starbucks with Alex Jennah Patrick Davis and Jesse. then my dad came (in the bronco) and picked Alex Jennah and me up, took us home, and we found my Auntie Pattie, Uncle Dave, and cousins Jessi Sammy and Billy waiting for us. the Rach came over. so we all hung out, blah blah blah, friends and family and food, ya know, the good things in life. it was a nice birthday. presents were good, music, shirts, money, the works. but I think the best (the best) was the photo album Alex made..:) it's so pretty and us and pretty and perfect. thank you beautiful :). then on Friday, my dad took us all (family I'm talking about)to Lil 500..hhahahaha, go cart racing! I didn't spin out once! I was so proud of myself..but I did get into a biiiiiig accident with Billy..that of which left me sporting a bruise on my left bottom upper thigh..yea, right where my ass is..meaning I can feel it when I sit, especially on something hard. so it didn't help much that we went to Hooters right afterwards where I sat on a wooden stool. lol. anyways, at least the girls were hot..Nen should have been there with me. ;) yea so Friday night the whole fam-damn-ly was over. or at least the ones who live in Florida. I don't think we've had so many people in our house since 2 Thanksgivings ago..or maybe the Valentine's party from the 7th grade..I don't remember. to get it right, there was 16 people. that's not even half my family. but it was fun..more food, more presents, more money. yay. it was also the Soares' last night. the next morning they left. it wasn't so bad considering we'll be seeing them again in June. so I went to Alex's, they got a new puppy, she's adorable, it makes me want a dog. we just hung out, didn't really do anything, we never have to do anything actually because we have fun no matter what. but he had to leave at 4, so my mom picked me up at 345 and we went to FYE, where I exchanged a Bright Eyes cd for..a Bright Eyes we went to Target, where I got a black cami, a black skirt, temporary flip flops, those really hot boy shorts..and some other shit to spoil myself. :) so we get home around like, 6..then Rach's sister picks me up and Rach Mishel and I go to the mall. yes, I accompanied Rachel and Mishel on a date! they're so cute together, they make me smile out the ying yang..'cept when they fight. that bugs me. but I'm sure there are tens of thousands of millions of things that Alex and I do that bug the whole freakin world, so I'm not complaining. :) anywho, I got a Funeral For A Friend cd..they did have the old Every Time I Die cd, which I'm dying for..but I needed chapstick so I couldn't spend all my money on it..and also, I'm going to be seeing FFAF with MCR and A7X in less than 2 weeks so I figured I ought to know more than 2 songs of theirs, right? right. I'll get the ETID cd soon..soon..yea so then my beast came out..and I took Mishel's phone and just started calling random people and hanging up, probably before they even answered..I did this soo stealthily and discreetly, that it looked like I was just playing snake or something..mwahaha. and I'm so smart that I went through and erased the 15 or so numbers that I called..hahaha. I so crack myself up. so, yea, I got home, watched Headbangers Ball till midnight because Atreyu and Bleeding Through were on. then I woke up this morning and read Bright Eyes lyrics..I love Conor. :) alright, I guess I'll go..spend time with my mom because it's easter..or something stupid like that.


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