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lizster540 (profile) wrote,
on 4-11-2004 at 1:25pm
Current mood: So Happy I couldn't even begin to describe it!!!
Music: Jason Elam
Subject: Happy Easter Kids!!
WOW! JUST....WOW. My Easter has been so kick ass! It's been the best ever. Church rocked hard. I sat by Amelia and Luke and I had the perfect view of *Mumbles name so you can't really hear it* haha! Then Katie came and sat by us! We were laughing the whole time. The new Pastor is awesome, But he has like a patch on the top of his head of grey hair. It's so random, it's just this grey patch...weird. Anyways, We were writing notes and I told Luke I was going to kill him. Isn't that sweet? Haha. Then after church Mom, Ashley, and Myself went to eat at Olive Garden. For Some reason I could not eat much. But no worries...I brought the food home, Lol. When we got home I mowed the lawn. It was freaking hotter then the sun outside!! Now me and mom are about to go to JF Gregory to take a long walk. Try to lose some weigh before Summer rolls around. I cant believe we only have practically 6 weeks left! It is madness I say! But i'm so stoked up! Wow...okay so i'm done!

*-* Lizz *-*
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hey..Reply to you comment, 04-11-04 5:51pm

hey...can't wait tilll tommorow for to see all of ya'll!! And Secondly to see how everyone's sB went...mine was good.. i can't complain...yours sounded good too...but as you said there's always next year..mabye i 'll be herre for it..haha..well i g2g and watch SWIMFAN..haha freaky Snacks
{P.S: I love that nickname it is freakin awesome}

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Re: hey..Reply to you comment, 04-11-04 8:32pm


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