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vampuricgothkitten666 (profile) wrote,
on 4-12-2004 at 2:11pm
Subject: Info.
I'm just informing, that Hailey and I have made the decison that I am going to be Co mod of this community. You all are great and keeping this journal alive. Hailey and I will be making Icons and Banners for this community. and I will do some whoring around and try to recruit some new members. Woohu is pay now, So I hope you all dig up 2 dollars and send it to Andy. Here is this Addy if you are paying through mail

Sending the money
Check/Money Order pay to: Andrew Gunneson

ATTN: Andrew Gunneson
PO Box 10
Cedar Springs, MI 49319

I hope to see you all stay, we have untill May 8th and all accounts not payed for are gone :(
Thanks, and I hope you all like our decison.
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04-25-04 10:04pm

im planning on sticking with woohu

.. should post a sticky note to my computer reminding me to send in the money :D

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