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LOSERxDORK (profile) wrote,
on 4-12-2004 at 2:46pm
Current mood: loved
Music: bleeding through
Subject: just when i thought he couldn't get more amazing
he surprises me...YET AGAIN.

x silver skullz: well, thats just the way i feel...idk i feel so unsuperior
x silver skullz: like a piece of shit
dmbmustang8766: inferior?
dmbmustang8766: dont feel that way
dmbmustang8766: cuz ur not
x silver skullz: well, i do
dmbmustang8766: u shuldnt
x silver skullz: i dont know why i do
dmbmustang8766: :-\
x silver skullz: your just amazing, you really are
dmbmustang8766: aww
dmbmustang8766: im really not though
x silver skullz: more than any guy i've ever met...
x silver skullz: no you really are
dmbmustang8766: :-\
x silver skullz: i mean please, i've gone out with SO MANY guys and none of them have EVER asked to kiss me
x silver skullz: your just...amazing, really.
dmbmustang8766: egh, i just didnt wana get slapped or somethin
dmbmustang8766: i dont think so, but thanx
x silver skullz: whatever, thats what i think
dmbmustang8766: u still shuldnt feel that way though
x silver skullz: but i do, and i was just scared that you were never going to talk to me again
x silver skullz: or hang out with me for that matter
dmbmustang8766: no,
dmbmustang8766: actually
dmbmustang8766: i was worried bout u on the train
dmbmustang8766: cuz u didnt come online
dmbmustang8766: n u didnt cal bak
x silver skullz: and to be completely honest i like you ... a lot
dmbmustang8766: <3
x silver skullz: :-[
dmbmustang8766: aw
x silver skullz: :-'
x silver skullz: *:-\
dmbmustang8766: dont make that face lol, i <3 u
x silver skullz: and honestly, i know its not what you want right now but i could picture myself being with no one but you.
dmbmustang8766: awwww
x silver skullz: :-X
dmbmustang8766: awww. nonono i like u. . . hunn i rele gota get off though, il def ttu 2moro
dmbmustang8766: 2moro
dmbmustang8766: i mean later
dmbmustang8766: lol
dmbmustang8766: <333 mwaaa ilu
x silver skullz: ok ttyl xo mwa <3

...he is the most amazing thing in the world
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04-12-04 5:27pm


is someone in love?

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Re:, 04-13-04 8:31am

well, not yet. but im in extreme like

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04-12-04 6:00pm

haha aww, thats so sweet

how old are you?
you seem so young.


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Re:, 04-13-04 8:29am

yeah, he is just about the sweetest kid alive. im 15 - young but im pretty experienced with the whole 'dating scene'

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awwww!!!, 04-12-04 9:48pm

AWWWW how cute!! i hOpe.. u get wat u want...hOpe everything turns out great.....


P.S.- if u ever wannaa talk my email is or aim @ xcraziex4xlyfx

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Re: awwww!!!, 04-13-04 8:27am

aww thank you! i might do that sometime :)

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