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butterflykisses37 (profile) wrote,
on 4-12-2004 at 5:54pm
Current mood: kind of upset..diappointed?
Music: all kinds of things.
Subject: Glowing Me Choking You.
yea so I'm kind of disappointed. I wanted to go to the library today, but apparently Alex nor my dad did. so oh well. I got my homework done in like, 45 minutes, whereas at the library I probably wouldn't have gotten it all. so I'm looking to that as the "bright side."

"do you miss it?"
"yea, I miss mom's homemade cookies, throwing the football around with dad on sundays..oh wait, that's someone else's childhood."
haha, that's such a..such a movie, ya know? no, ya don't. because I don't even know what I'm talking about. such an idiot. I'm having an "I hate the world" day. there are few people right now that I don't hate, such as Alex, Fabs..yea. I'm tired, maybe that's it. or maybe it's because I started my day off by going to the dentist..and having 3 corny flavors forced into my mouth all within 45 minutes of each other. not fun..never fun. at least I didn't have to go to spanish. I hate Mrs. Velazquez..yea, it's definately a good thing I didn't go to spanish on a day like this. not like this is one of the worst days of my life because believe me, it doesn't even come close. it was just like every other day that I hate. alright, this entry has been extremely teenage and self centered. I'm leaving.
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