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centralgirl05 (profile) wrote,
on 4-12-2004 at 5:26pm
Current mood: bored
Music: jon bon jovi
Subject: eh
so i guess elizabeth thinks i need to cheer up. she says she gets depressed reading my journal. i just don't think i record the good things that happen. there is some i swear. but sometimes the bad seems to outweight the good in my mind sometimes. i forget what great friends i have, and that it shouldn't matter that i'm single, i've got them. i possibly have the greatest friends someone could ask for. they will take care of your drunken ass when you throw up all over the landing. they will be there for your when you experience a loss. i think sometimes i get so damn unhappy about certain things that i fail to see them and what they really mean to me. you all are special. of course there are ones that are dearer to my heart and hopefully you know who you are. i'm kinda taking this from katie w's journal, but its a good idea. like her i would do anything for you all, even skip class to go to muskegon ;). all you would have to do is ask and i'll be there if i possibly can. and i guess i'm just trying to say that i'm not as sad as it seems in here most of the time. i just don't write the happy stuff. i guess i'm just confused about a lot of things. oh well. time works out everything eh? yeah.

so to add to the sad note, a friend of mine's grandmother died this weekend. i feel really bad, cus i know how he is feeling exactly. i was in the same boat in november. although its different, it always is, i think that it may be worse for him because i think he was closer to her than i was to my grandfather, although that also could be bad on my part. i still have guilt, even though i know i shouldn't. i don't want to get sappy or whatever, but i hope that he knows i know what its like and i'm here to just sit and not talk about it if he wants. or to talk about it. whatever floats his boat. i guess i'm just trying to say that i heart you and i'm here for anything that you may need. i won't pretend to know exactly what your going through, because like i said before its different for everyone. i just can relate.

schedual for the week:
oh wait that's done, so there's no point in writing for today! although i have to write a couple of papers and study.
class where paper's due
muskegon for a bit
maybe my 1 o'clock, maybe not. depends on whether or not i can email my paper, which i think i just will. fuck it.
class at 4 for my test. hopefully i don't fail, so i have to study hardcore tonight (monday)
paper writing
class to turn in a paper, i HATE that class...
break with possibly more sleeping
class again to take notes for the final
work 4-7
@9 we have some recruitment thing
write another paper
most likely writing the paper that i won't do wed night.
class to turn that bitch in
break again maybe i'll get some sleep or something
class to take notes for final
actually nothing after that. SWEET! but no. i have to study for finals. damnit.
NO CLASS!!!!!!!!!
work 4-8
olive garden 8-?
out with amanda (my real sister) for her birthday ?-?
no work. just hardcore studying
no work. just hardcore studying
dinner with the folks for amanda's b-day.

k so not like anyone REALLY cared about that i just thought i'd share it with you all. most likely it will not be that way and i'll study a whole lot less and go to class a whole lot less. haha haha so i have to go. phones and actual work to do before i go home. bye friends! I HEART YOU!
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