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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2004 at 4:13am
Current mood: amazed
Music: O.A.R.
Subject: hot diggity dog kids`
Hello. how might you be, Im feelingmighty light headed well not light headed....not really is 3:10 AM and Im doing a project for english. ah have any of you read To Kill A Mocking Bird? well thats what it is on. quite amusing acutaly. anywho. well i just wanted to stop in and say hello as long as i am up this late and since i missed last night/yesterday. Im honestly Im amazed that Im stil this awake! I dont even drink caffine! hooray for me. ha but i do have a cup of chocolate milk right next to me that I keep refilling and awsome music (hooray OAR) anywho kids. have fun be safe please. a girl got in a car accident (wo spelling) and she was crying and I felt mighty bad. she had her seat belt on luckily. well hav fun again be safe wear your seat belt and see you in 8th grade. dont change.
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