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daisymae (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2004 at 11:35am
Current mood: giggly
Subject: everything is red
too bad lenny and charlie just put on a lil 'performance' and i wiggled all the way to the liberry.

i think someone slipped something in my capn crunch this morning, everything is funny, ecspecially the fact that bear is putting on eyeliner right his very all he needs is some long hair and glasses. WABAM EMO BEAR.
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04-15-04 11:41am

WOO haha you know you love 7th heaven.
too bad charlies eyeliner putting on abilities lack somewhat. hahaha so its a kinda emo bear. hehe ;]
big kisses to my silly slimey one

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04-15-04 3:01pm

and i'm gonna need to borrow a pair of pants. then i will truly be emo bear.

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